Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NBA 2K9 vs. NBA live 2009

It may be too early to even be talking about this since these games don't come out until october, but if you are a fan of basketball simulation games the question of whether NBA 2k or the NBA live series is better has to have crossed your mind at some point. They each have their own High points and Low points but in my own opinion the NBA 2k series has found a way to rise to the top for some time now.

For a long time the NBA Live series had been the top basketball video game line until I became bothered by the unrealistic gameplay and the lack of consistency in the way the players shot the ball and completed plays. I remember times when I had the ball for a wide open dunk and the game made the player miss the dunk for no real reason. Also there were times when I had a wide open shot blocked by a player that was very far away which is highly unlikely to happen. The good part of NBA live that set itself apart from other games was the freestyle control that was featured and created for making moves with the ball.

The NBA 2k series features a more realistic style of play that closely matches the skills of a player with how they actually play in real life and it comes through in the gameplay. NBA 2k brings almost everything you can ask for in a basketball game next to actually being in it yourself. The only thing I can say isn't on point about it is that the 08' game didn't have all the rookies that were drafted that year in the game.

All in all NBA 2k series has the effective gameplay while NBA live claims to change things from year to year but forgetting the most important aspect is making the gameplay better.

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