Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barack Obama makes 3 pointer with ease!

After Democratic Presidential candidate makes this three pointer with ease while meeting and greeting some soldiers I think he has officially become one of the coolest presidential candidates, ever next to Bill Clinton, and he can certainly have my vote!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Understanding Women...or not

So as the title proclaims this blog entry is about women, understanding women, but mostly not understanding why women do or say some of the things that seem to make no logical sense to me and many men across the world. If you are a man in a relationship you can probably relate to these things or have experienced these things firsthand.

Now I'm just going to give some general examples of what I'm talking about here...First we have A Woman saying one thing and meaning another and then when the man asks why she said that she says she doesn't know why.

Women complaining about how you forgot to do something even though you have already addressed the issue previously.

A woman explaining why a friend she has acts a certain way or does things but the explanation just sounds wierd because there is no real logical reason as to why a person would act that way, but she makes it seem like its normal. These are just some of the few things that I never understood about women.

I made up my mind that, in expressing some feelings to that special woman and trying to explain why things don't make sense to me, I will never win because males and females just think differently.

I talked to a few friends of mine and the general consensus is that Males have the need to logically make sense of things while women base some things on emotional factors and thus creating the misunderstanding.

I have also realized that females do certain things to see how you will react or test your limit, but I always just wonder why when in some cases it could just lead to feelings being hurt.

So, sometimes you feel like you just can't live with women or just can't stand them but most of the time you just have to understand the differences and understand how to deal with them. If you love your woman you'll save yourself unnecessary stress and time by making it easy on yourself.