Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barack Obama makes 3 pointer with ease!

After Democratic Presidential candidate makes this three pointer with ease while meeting and greeting some soldiers I think he has officially become one of the coolest presidential candidates, ever next to Bill Clinton, and he can certainly have my vote!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Understanding Women...or not

So as the title proclaims this blog entry is about women, understanding women, but mostly not understanding why women do or say some of the things that seem to make no logical sense to me and many men across the world. If you are a man in a relationship you can probably relate to these things or have experienced these things firsthand.

Now I'm just going to give some general examples of what I'm talking about here...First we have A Woman saying one thing and meaning another and then when the man asks why she said that she says she doesn't know why.

Women complaining about how you forgot to do something even though you have already addressed the issue previously.

A woman explaining why a friend she has acts a certain way or does things but the explanation just sounds wierd because there is no real logical reason as to why a person would act that way, but she makes it seem like its normal. These are just some of the few things that I never understood about women.

I made up my mind that, in expressing some feelings to that special woman and trying to explain why things don't make sense to me, I will never win because males and females just think differently.

I talked to a few friends of mine and the general consensus is that Males have the need to logically make sense of things while women base some things on emotional factors and thus creating the misunderstanding.

I have also realized that females do certain things to see how you will react or test your limit, but I always just wonder why when in some cases it could just lead to feelings being hurt.

So, sometimes you feel like you just can't live with women or just can't stand them but most of the time you just have to understand the differences and understand how to deal with them. If you love your woman you'll save yourself unnecessary stress and time by making it easy on yourself.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NBA 2K9 vs. NBA live 2009

It may be too early to even be talking about this since these games don't come out until october, but if you are a fan of basketball simulation games the question of whether NBA 2k or the NBA live series is better has to have crossed your mind at some point. They each have their own High points and Low points but in my own opinion the NBA 2k series has found a way to rise to the top for some time now.

For a long time the NBA Live series had been the top basketball video game line until I became bothered by the unrealistic gameplay and the lack of consistency in the way the players shot the ball and completed plays. I remember times when I had the ball for a wide open dunk and the game made the player miss the dunk for no real reason. Also there were times when I had a wide open shot blocked by a player that was very far away which is highly unlikely to happen. The good part of NBA live that set itself apart from other games was the freestyle control that was featured and created for making moves with the ball.

The NBA 2k series features a more realistic style of play that closely matches the skills of a player with how they actually play in real life and it comes through in the gameplay. NBA 2k brings almost everything you can ask for in a basketball game next to actually being in it yourself. The only thing I can say isn't on point about it is that the 08' game didn't have all the rookies that were drafted that year in the game.

All in all NBA 2k series has the effective gameplay while NBA live claims to change things from year to year but forgetting the most important aspect is making the gameplay better.

Hilarious ESPN Commercials!

I was watching ESPN today and saw a Commercial that was pretty funny with the Arena Football team called the Chicago Rush and thought to myself about how all ESPN's commercials bring out the humorous side of sports and there is nothing better than laughter so here are some of those commercials for your viewing pleasure...enjoy. P.S. I think my personal favorite is the one with the chicken.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Boston Celtics and The NBA Draft....Old to the New

The Boston Celtics finally return to the promised land winning a NBA championship which was an amazing feat since last year they didn't even make the playoffs and only won 26 games out of 82 and on top of that their first championship since 1986!

The big story of this championship is that the 3 superstar veterans of this team, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen, have finally won their championship and Paul Pierce a 10-year veteran all with the Celtics made it through hard times to get to this point. The Celtics were not even a favorite to win this championship against the Los Angeles Lakers but proved the end result would be in their favor.

So now that the NBA season is over its time to bring in the new players with the NBA draft which is showcasing the top players from college basketball including Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, OJ mayo, and Kevin Love who were all top players for their respective teams...My personal favorite player coming in is Derrick Rose and I'm excited to see where all the players end up. The draft is on thursday at 7et on espn.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Remembering NBA JAM!

So I was thinking about the old days of video games and I remember one of my favorite games from the 90's was NBA JAM which was also one of the most fun b-ball games I've ever played.

I remember how this two on two basketball game displayed some crazy slam dunks like some players doing dunks from the three point line and if your player was really good at dunking he could do 360 spin slams, do flips in the air, windmill slams, all those things. When a player made a few shots in a row the announcer would say "Heeeeee's on FIIIIIIIIRE!!!" and then he could shoot three pointers from almost halfcourt if he wanted to and make the shot! So much fun, there hasn't really been a game like that since but those were good times.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Beginnings...

Here it is...The point where everything changes and the time to move on has arrived. Recently that feeling and that reality approached me when I became a college graduate about a little less than a month ago.

Time to start a new stage in life...An intimidating task especially for me since my interests seem to go in many different directions but all i need is a chance to show my talents and skill and everything will be fine.